Day 5: More trash talk

Today, I left the house prepared to do battle – with the trash on my street, that is. The last time I tried this, it was spur of the moment so in no time I had my hands full – quite literally. This time, armed with a bag (plastic, I’m afraid – Green good deeds a day will have to wait for another blogger!), I marched down my street eyes peeled for refuse.

I didn’t have to look that hard. In no time, the bag was full and the sad thing is, most of the stuff I picked up could be put straight into my recycle bin – water bottles, paper coffee cups, plastic drunk cups and lids. Snacking and littering seem to go hand in hand – or out of hand to street, I guess.

One lawn I passed fronted a place that holds parties and wedding receptions. As it’s a business establishment, I contemplated leaving the trash for their staff to take care of, but then I realized that’s exactly what I don’t want to be doing, thinking that, “Someone else will surely take care of [fill in good deed here].”


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