Day 6: Seeing the light … bulb

I’m not sure if today’s good deed actually qualifies because it’s something I’ve done before and it involves making a purchase — the only reason I make this purchase is to help out a worthwhile organization, however.

Let me explain. While I was growing up, as far back as I can remember, my mom ordered our light bulbs from a small mail order company that employs handicapped workers. These people make fantastic light bulbs that have a five-year warranty. The trouble with this warranty is that it really works. I mean, REALLY works. These light bulbs last practically forever. And because I want to support this company’s efforts and order from them a couple of times a year, I now have enough wattage to last till global warming melts all the polar ice caps and makes lighting a moot point.

So today I get the call from my light bulb lady and I haven’t ordered in a while so (you guessed it) — I sign up for seven more bulbs (four 100s and three 60s). And I haven’t even explained the good deed part yet. Because of postage and handling, these bulbs I’ll never use from a handicapped lady I’ll never meet cost me $62.02 (that’s $8.86 a bulb, for the mathematically challenged). That is actually a deal, believe it or not, cause they throw in a FREE BULB!

But the value of doing a good deed by making myself a laughing stock… priceless.


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