Day 8: A day of thanks

My good deeds today revolved around family, which seems a bit like cheating cause it sort of comes with the territory, I’d say (i.e. family = helping each other, or so it says in the handbook). Instead, I’ll mention an attitude-shift this blog has sparked.

Doing (and writing about) good deeds was supposed to help me become more considerate of others. What I didn’t bargain on, however, was how this experience has made me more aware of how considerate others are toward me. Being mindful of others’ needs seems to have shone a spotlight on how many nice things people do for yours truly.

Little things, big things, helping hands when I need them most — it’s like I’m noticing them for the first time. These good deeds on my behalf aren’t new, but it’s become clear to me that I’ve been taking them for granted up until now. I’d like that to change and I’m going to try and truly appreciate every single one from now on.

So if you are taking precious time out of your day to read this, thank you, it is much appreciated. How much? If you actually post a comment, I might even cry….


5 thoughts on “Day 8: A day of thanks

  1. Don’t cry!!! I am going to try to read 10-20 of your blogs a day until I get to your current ones…which I have been reading for a few months.

    Thanks so much for doing the blog.

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