Day 9: Good read deeds

I volunteered at a trade-show booth today even though my travel time to and from the venue was twice as long as my slot in the booth. I didn’t mind though, the trade-show was promoting books and reading — two of my very favourite things.

The good deed aspect of the day involved my planning ahead for the trip, which I knew would take me past both buskers and panhandlers. I loaded my pockets with change in preparation for the trip because stopping and opening up my purse and digging through my wallet on a crowded subway platform or city street is — how shall I put this? — not going to happen.

I encountered more buskers than panhandlers, which surprised me. They were playing folk selections ranging from Bob Dylan to Ian and Sylvia — well worth emptying my pockets for.

(Admit it, haven’t you always harbored a secret desire to busk — not sure if that’s actually a verb — serenading passersby with your golden voice or pan flute? Okay, guess that’s just me.)

My second good deed is passing along two interesting facts I picked up at the trade show:
(a) Ferrets make you smile
(b) So do writers


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