Day 12: Everyday hero(ine)

My attempts at good deeds today are so small I hesitate even mentioning them but here goes: I held open 4.5 doors for others (the .5 was when I tried to hold it but my hand slipped and the person ended up holding it for me!). I also thanked my tired, sweaty bus driver when I got off the bus. Not only did he say, “No problem,” but two people behind me thanked him, too. Coincidence? I think not. I was also planning to anonymously weed my neighbour’s garden but she must have beat me to it because it was completely weed-free!

But since those gestures seem pretty tiny, I’ll share an amazing good deed that I read about in the paper this week. In Windsor, Ontario, Amanda Bourque (who is eight months pregnant) single-handedly chased down an alleged drunk driver and held him captive until police came. “I was so mad that he tried to run me off the road, just absolutely furious,” she told reporters. “And being hormonal, it’s a little bit worse.”

As she followed him, she honked her horn and flashed her hazard signals to warn other drivers of the danger. When he mounted a curb into a parking lot, she followed, blocking the car in, then asked a school bus driver in the lot to call police. This prompted the man to try to escape but he collided with another car. Ms. Bourque quickly pulled in behind him so he could not get away and sat on the hood of her car until he was arrested.

Ontario Provincial Police commended Ms. Bourque for her brave actions and “likely saving a life.”

Now that’s a good deed!


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