Day 13: Gosh, where can they all park?*

My good deed today was of the hypothetical variety. “What if someone needs that parking spot near the entrance more than I do?” I asked myself — pausing momentarily in front of it because I couldn’t believe my luck at finding one so close to the front of the hospital lot.

I need the exercise anyway, I figured, driving past that spot and several other choice ones as I made my way to the upper level.

As I locked my car and started to walk away, an elderly gentleman with a thatch of white hair was leaving his on the opposite side. I noticed his lights were on and pointed it out to him (thinking he was a sweet old guy who probably needs looking after).

“They’re supposed to turn off on their own,” he laughed, catching up to me, “but with these new cars, they take so long, you never know for sure if they will.”

I laughed and his ID tag caught my eye. Turns out, this “old guy who needs looking after” was one of the doctors at the hospital.

“Resist jumping to conclusions” will be on my list for tomorrow!


*This heading makes more sense if you watched American Idol this season (see “About” page to find out who I’m misquoting).


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