Day 13: Phoning it in

My neighbour gave me the idea for today’s good deed – putting change in the coin return slots of random payphones. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.

(a) It’s hard to even find a payphone these days; and
(b) Does anyone actually use them anymore?

As a kid, I remember my sister and I routinely checking the row of payphones at the mall as we walked by and the thrill of finding a dime in one or two of them (yup, 10 cents a call – guess I’m dating myself).

Even though every kid over seven seems to have their own cell phone these days, I like to think finding change in the coin return is still a thrill – if not for kids then for old farts like me who still use these antiquated devices.

I was amazed my local mall still had a bank of them at the entrance. And as I slipped the coins into each slot, I somehow felt as if things had come full circle. Here I was, all grown up, putting money back in there for someone else to find. Weird, but in a good way.

Hope that makes sense….


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