Day 14: Click power

For today’s good deed to work, I’ll need the e-Gods to smile upon me so I can insert a few links on this page. All three link to charitable websites that get their funding from each site’s sponsors. It’s a great idea. You click through for free but can’t help but take a look at the sponsors’ logos — sort of like glancing up at a billboard on the highway only here there’s no risk of running off the road (unless you’re surfing the net while driving — very bad idea!)

The first link takes you to a site where each click helps pay for mammograms for those in need:

The Breast Cancer Site

The second is for a cause near and dear to my heart — literacy (I was a tutor for adults for five years and plan to go back to it). This site makes books available to children around the world, giving many children their very first book. Each click provides 1% of a book:

The Literacy Site

The third provides food and resources to those suffering from hunger, oppression and poverty around the world:
The Hunger Site

As I don’t completely trust my HTML skills, I’ll also try to link to these sites in my “Blogroll” (sounds like something served with mayo, doesn’t it?).

Happy clicking & thank you!


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