Day 14: Driving Miss Andretti

As I set off in my car this morning, ferrying my mom to various appointments and errands, I decided to approach the drive with “good deeds” in mind. So I kept my speed in check, signalled every move and let in other cars ahead of mine (if safety allowed, of course).

This sounds simple, doesn’t it? Not so much when your copilot is “Maria Andretti” (as my mother, the speed-demon driver, was known in her heyday). I think the other drivers appreciated my approach, but my mother sure didn’t. Practically every cornering move, lane change and parking maneuver was met with a “constructive” comment or a gasp so loud it almost sent me off the road.

I know she misses driving so I couldn’t get too upset. And when it comes to good deeds, she’s certainly done her fair share for me – including teaching me how to drive!


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