Day 15: Jazz-ercise

My favourite radio station right now is JAZZ.FM91 in Toronto. It’s an independent station supported by donations and plays all my favourite jazz tunes from Thelonious Monk to Michael Bublé to Stacey Kent.

Today, as I started filling out the cheque for my regular contribution, I suddenly got a brilliant idea. Why not send in more than I promised them? What a nice surprise for them, I thought. Maybe they’ll send me one of those cute JAZZ.FM tote bags I’ve been coveting.

So I sent off the super-sized cheque feeling very pleased with myself. But when I got back from the mailbox I asked myself a frightening question. (Two questions, actually.)

Have I indeed done a good deed? Or have I thrown a monkey wrench into their carefully calibrated accounting software that is supposed to balance the pledge column with the donations-received column?

Yikes. I guess if they play “Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered” all day tomorrow, I’ll have my answer….


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