Day 16: Waiting game

The first time I dropped off my mom for her physiotherapy appointment, I couldn’t help but notice the sorry state of the magazines in the waiting room. One of them was so out-of-date, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were the power couple on the cover.

My mom had another appointment this morning. So I gathered up about 10 current issues from around the house (I think I need some kind of periodical support group … maybe we could have our own magazine!). I brought them in and asked at the desk if I could add them to the well-thumbed piles on the coffee table. I thought the lady was going to leap over the counter and hug me.

I knew I’d brought my little donation to the right place when I witnessed what happened next.

An elderly lady wearing enormous grey sneakers hobbled in with the help of a cane. She told the receptionist she was there for her 9 a.m. appointment. Her English was limited so she repeated it a few times along with her name. When the staff person broke the news that she was actually there a day early, she became distraught and agitated.

Turned out, the woman’s husband had written down the wrong date, dropped her off for physio and wouldn’t be back for an hour. She was very apologetic and started to leave.

The receptionist asked her to wait, spoke with the physiotherapist and they gently reassured her that if she waited five minutes they’d squeeze her in. She was so grateful. And so was I. Warms the heart to witness even a small act of kindness making someone’s day.


One thought on “Day 16: Waiting game

  1. I think it’s funny that made Brad Pitt a category in your blog; more to come, I gather!

    Also, I’d be happy to join your periodical support group. (I guess we’d have to meet periodically.) And, yeah, we’d need to start our own magazine!

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