Day 18: Food, glorious food

My local grocery store keeps a large receptacle for non-perishable Food Bank items near the exit. I realized today that, other than at Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’ve never put anything into this bin.

I keep meaning to, of course, but by the time I checkout, I’ve usually forgotten to buy the non-perishable items. I then put “Food Bank” on my mental to-do list — a list that keeps getting longer. Why does nothing ever seem to get checked off that list, I wonder?

Until today, that is. It occurred to me that if I waited till I had a bag full of donations, it would be next Thanksgiving, Christmas or beyond before I followed through with my good intentions. So, instead, in the spirit of good-deed “baby steps,” I plan to get one thing on each grocery trip. If I stick to this plan, I may have donated the equivalent of many bags of food by the time the holidays roll around.

So, with only one item to worry about (well, two actually — those handy “boxes” of milk that last forever on the shelf), I not only remembered to pick them up and bring them to the checkout, but I also remembered to put them in the Food Bank bin (rather than get distracted and end up back at home with them, which would not have surprised me).

Then, because I was on a roll (no pun intended), I returned my grocery cart to the queue and inserted the chain link that pops out the quarter, but I left it there as a surprise bonus for the next person. Hey, the big lottery win might never happen, but a found quarter here and there is exciting in its own way. (You can probably tell I don’t get out much!)


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