Day 20: Strawberry fields forever

I spent some of the best years of my life in uniform — a Girl Guide uniform, that is. In my day, we sold cookies, lots and lots of cookies. To do so we had to pound the pavement making cold calls at strangers’ doors, and greeting us at these doors were often barking scary dogs. (Clearly before the era of streetproofing.)

Guides today have it a lot easier, I think— and much safer. Cookies are mostly sold via mail order or online and the group has branched out in their fundraising efforts.

Today, outside a local store, I saw a few badge-emblazoned girls selling freshly picked strawberries. No one seemed to be buying the berries, however, so I went over to investigate. Turned out, their prices were significantly higher than the grocery store’s.

Did I buy some?

Of course, it seemed like the good deed thing to do — and once a Girl Guide always a Girl Guide.


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