Day 23: Carpe diem

My stepmom died last night. I didn’t usually refer to her as my stepmother, though. She was always “my Dad’s wife” or simply, “Barb.” She had a rare, aggressive form of cancer and was told she probably had only a year to live. That was two weeks ago.

I had been composing a letter to her in my head. A note to tell her how much my sister and brother and I appreciated how much she’d done for us over the years — especially her efforts to include us in my father’s life.

She’d invited us for many weekends at their home, and we probably ended up spending more time with him during those visits (if you put them all together), than we ever had growing up. If it weren’t for Barb, we’d probably still be virtual strangers to him.

I just wish I’d told her that. But ever the procrastinator, I hadn’t yet put pen to paper and now she’s gone. I’ll never get the chance to thank her or tell her how much we appreciated her. I thought I had more time. So did she.

My good deed today is this — to tell everyone I can (and remember myself) DON’T WAIT. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Whatever’s important to you and to the people you love — do it now. Now is all we can really count on, isn’t it?


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