Day 22: Ten coins in the fountain

My good deeds today were undertaken in somewhat of a trilogy format:

Part I: Smile therapy
I needed some serious cheering up this morning and my go-to-source for that these days is The Archulator, a.k.a. David Archuleta, (if you can get through the following song without smiling, better get your cheek muscles checked, lol: Stand By Me ).

Once my smile had been restored, I walked to the mall intending to share that smile with everyone I met along the way. Most people smiled back. A few did not. I think I scared one or two, so I dialed it back a little.

Part II: Phoning it in, again
Once at the mall, I was thrilled to spot some phone booths that I hadn’t seen on my previous good deed outing (See “Day 14: Phoning it in”) so I once again slipped some change into the return slots as an unexpected surprise for the next caller.

Part III: Wish fulfillment
My excitement at spotting phone booths grew to a fever pitch when I came across a fountain in the centre of the mall. It’s always been there, it’s just that I usually go rushing past it on my way to pick up emergency staples, like ice cream.

Maybe I’ve watched Gidget Goes to Rome too many times but every time I see a fountain, I get the overwhelming urge to toss in a coin (preferably backwards à la Gidget) and make a wish. This fountain sits low to the ground so kids usually sit around the perimeter. Today, a mom was handing coins to her preschooler daughter to toss in while two older boys (with no parents in sight, strangely) looked on from across the fountain. I knew that look. It said, “I wanna do what that kid’s doing.”

So on the spur of the moment, I fished some pennies out of my wallet, walked over to the fountain, slapped the coins down and said, “Go ahead, guys, make a wish.” I then exited stage left. I wish I could have stuck around to watch them do the toss but handing money to kids then lurking around watching them tends to get one escorted out of the mall — if not into a patrol car.

Maybe I’ll go back tomorrow and make my own wish.


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