Day 24: Dear Jean letter

My mother has very strong opinions. So strong, in fact, that before her car accident four months ago, she routinely shared these opinions (via letters and emails) with every newspaper, radio program and politician who would listen.

Her lengthy (and ongoing) recovery from a broken shoulder, knee and both wrists have sidelined her for some time, but this week she got the “bug” again when Dr. Henry Morgentaler was named to the Order of Canada for his role in legalizing abortion in this country.

Mom asked me how this could happen — on what basis was he being granted Canada’s highest honour. I told her he was nominated for making conditions safer for women in that situation and has been commended by women’s rights groups for doing so. My mother’s response was, “What about the rights of unborn women to be born?”

I had no answer for that and agreed to type up and mail her letter to the Governor General requesting that his appointment be rescinded. Does this count as a good deed? I’ll have to ask my mom. I’m pretty sure she’ll have an opinion on the subject….


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