Day 28: Pocket full of sunshine

In a previous post (see “Day 9: Good read deeds”) I tested the technique of pre-loading my pockets with change when venturing downtown (for easy access to donate to buskers or panhandlers).

This worked well today when I approached an Asian gentleman who I’ve previously walked right past, because stopping and rifling through my purse on a downtown street is (to quote myself) “not going to happen.”

I’ve never felt quite right walking past him, though. He has a dignified air about him. Doesn’t say a word, just stands silently at the edge of the sidewalk holding a paper coffee cup, his eyes downcast.

When any amount is put in his cup, he doesn’t look up, but offers a “thank you” nod of his head. He could be the world’s greatest actor, but I get the impression that every coin tossed in his cup goes toward feeding and sheltering his family.

Maybe my small contribution will help him do that. Or maybe, when the cup is full, he makes a beeline for the racetrack and puts it all on Pretty Boy to win in the fourth. I don’t know.

What I do know is that, thanks to my new technique, I didn’t just pass him by … again.


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