Day 29: Hand-me-down gown

As I gathered up some old clothes to donate to a local charity, it occurred to me that this gesture wasn’t entirely selfless. By making this donation I’m forced to de-clutter my overstuffed bedroom. Is this really a good deed, I wondered?

Then I came to The Dress. It’s a dress I no longer fit into (and its style can best be described as “out of”) but I love this dress. I bought it to wear to the first party I attended with my now husband and just pulling it from the closet brings back all the feelings of promise and romance and budding love that felt so magical back then.

But I married that great guy, not the dress. And though it’s a little dated (the dress, not the guy), it looks like new. On the right person, for the right party, it could bring her a little magic, too.

So if you’re reading this and wearing a recycled Tristan Size 10, enjoy!


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