Day 32: Good weed deeds

After attending my step-mom’s wake yesterday, I needed some cheering up today, so I pre-ordered David Archuleta’s CD on Amazon (he’s #5 on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Music list, not bad for a debut disc that’s not even finished yet). I ordered a couple of extras to give away to friends who appreciate great voices but didn’t have the good fortune to catch him on A.I. this season.

My retail “Archie” therapy seemed to work. I felt energized and ventured outside where I noticed my neighbour’s usually perfect garden wasn’t as perfect as usual.

This may sound strange, but I was thrilled. I’d had the idea of weeding her garden for her a while back but she’d always beat me to it. The woman starts her day before the bread trucks hit the road.

I knew she was away for the day, so I rolled up my sleeves and started to pull her weeds (at least I hope they were weeds!).

If you haven’t tried this, you should — so therapeutic. Nothing like wrestling with dandelion stalks as thick as rope until the earth starts to move and you tumble backwards with the root in your hand. It’s like getting a hole in one — only in reverse!

I really got into it and showed those weeds who’s boss. With drops of sweat forming on my brow, I was whacking weeds and decapitating spent geraniums with more ferocity than Gordon Ramsay in a Taco Bell kitchen. What a rush — who needs boxercise?

Unfortunately, when I was finished, soil and root bits covered the path to my neighbour’s front door. I wanted this good deed to be anonymous, so I quickly swept all earthy evidence back into the garden.

Not that she’d mind what I’d done, but I was afraid she’d feel obligated to bake me a pie or something in return and that would sort of cancel things out in the good deed scheme of things.

Of course, if she did, I could always try again with something else — give her Archie’s CD perhaps….


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