Day 33: The naked truth

Dang it, my neighbour out good-deeded me again!

As you may recall, yesterday I was so proud of myself for surreptitiously weeding her garden (unfortunately, I must not have done that great a job because she was out there before the dew settled this morning toiling away with her spade and came away with another full bag of weeds).

After that, she came to my rescue when I locked myself out of the house. I was rushing around trying to get my mom to physio and locked my keys, purse and cell phone inside the front door.

My neighbour kindly let me use her phone to call my husband. Then, while we waited for him to arrive with keys, she and her husband entertained my mom and I with this story:

One day, a few years back, a friend back in Slovenia used to do all her housework in the nude. One day (when she knew all her neighbours in her apartment building were out at work) she dashed to the garbage chute across the hall to dispose of her trash.

Meanwhile, her two-year-old pushed the door closed, locking the woman out in the hall — naked as a newborn Slovenian. She had to then make her way down to the main floor, in her birthday suit, to knock on the superintendent’s door so he could let her back in.

“And it was in the newspaper!” my neighbour laughed.

“In other words, I should count my blessings,” I said. “At least I put some clothes on this morning.”

When I got back after the physio appointment, I was glad to see her bag of weeds still sitting on the walkway. I emptied them in with mine and put the bag out to the curb.

I know it’s only a temporary good-deed victory, however — she’s bound to save my bacon in some way again tomorrow, or at least tell me another funny story … thank goodness.


2 thoughts on “Day 33: The naked truth

  1. Very funny. The extra keys we have with friends and family around town exceed 5 for just this very reason! I am notorious at locking myself out of the house, but I do always have clothes on! LOL!

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