Day 35: Turn, turn, turn

This blog was supposed to be about doing good deeds for others but, more often than not, I’m the one on the receiving end.

It happened again just this morning. While driving, and attempting to turn left at a green light, I pulled a classic bonehead move. I inched forward in the left-hand turn lane, but the sun was directly in my eyes, so I lowered the sun visor. Too low, in fact, as it blocked my view of the traffic lights. When the light turned, I did not.

In a flash, I realized the light was red and I was stuck jutting out into traffic. I checked my rear-view mirror to see if I could back up, but there was a long line of left-turners waiting.

The driver directly behind me threw up his hands, but other than that I got no honks, road-rage screams, threats or rude hand gestures — and I would have totally earned a chastising beep-beep at the very least.

No, they all just waited patiently till I was able to turn. And this was during morning rush hour!

When we all finally did turn, the driver behind me changed lanes. As he passed me, I shrugged and mouthed “I’m sorry,” but I’m not sure he noticed — he seemed focused on getting as far away from my car as possible (can’t blame him, really).

Anyway, I was so grateful that the other drivers kindly let me off the hook that I did a double good deed as soon as I got home — a trash collection on my block and the local parkette.

I’ll also try to remember what happened this morning next time I’m behind a driver who pulls an equally boneheaded move.

P.S. In case you were worried, my sun visor has been adjusted.


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