Day 36: Milk of human kindness

In the middle of the produce section today — cantaloupes, to be precise — I remembered my new strategy of picking up one or two items every grocery run to donate to the food bank.

(This strategy replaces my previous habit of waiting to make a special trip to the store to fill a whole bag, which only seemed to happen at Thanksgiving and Christmas — no, only Christmas, if I’m being totally honest.)

My strategy has proven effective so far, but the trouble with picking up one or two items each time is that each selection takes on much greater significance. Back when I’d fill a whole bag, I could toss in something from each food group and, bam, it’d be done. Instead of agonizing between peanut butter or pasta, I’d go for both.

Today, I finished my own personal list in about 10 minutes, then spent at least another 20 trying to decide whether powdered milk (yuk) or oatmeal (only good with brown sugar) was the way to go. The only thing that stopped 20 minutes from turning into 40 was the fact that milk doesn’t have to be powdered any more to be non-perishable.

Milk now comes in these handy tetra-pak boxes (thank goodness, or I’d still be standing in aisle 12). I’ve actually tried this “box milk” and it tastes, well, like milk.

Next time, though, I’ll go for the oatmeal — and the brown sugar. Or would peas be a better choice? ….


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