Day 39: Salad days

Isn’t it great the way music can turn a grey day into a sunny one? This literally happened on Saturday at my friend’s fundraising concert (see Day 38: Sing sing).

The clouds threatened rain, but after a few of us got up to sing and play guitar, the sky was as blue as the ocean.

A highlight for me that day was hearing some new songs written by my friend, Dave, whose beautiful baritone voice resonates like a cello. This guy is so talented, but he’s content to just play for friends and at the occasional coffeehouse. That makes it even more special when I get a chance to sing with him and hear his new songs. Another highlight was listening to a local farmer, Sean, sing some country gospel tunes. This guy is built like a fireplug but has the voice of an angel.

Sean takes the stage.
Sean takes the stage.

Oh yeah, my good deed. Well, I bought some raffle tickets to support the teen rehab centre and, to my absolute surprise, I won.

The prize was a beautiful handcrafted pine, cedar and oak salad bowl. As much as I loved it, I decided to give it to my friend’s mom before we left last night. She makes us feel very much at home each time we come up and it just felt like the right thing to do.

This good deed thing must be having some effect on me because if I’d won the bowl during last year’s event, wild dogs couldn’t have ripped it out of my hands.

Now, if it had come with matching tongs, that might have been another story….


2 thoughts on “Day 39: Salad days

  1. This looks like a really beautiful place! I am sure the music was equally as beautiful, like you so eloquently write!

    Question: What song did you sing?

    As far as suggestions, you mean good deed ones, right?

    Well, I think you are doing a really good job finding and doing good deeds! I think it is significant to have noticed from last year the difference regarding the salad bowl thing!

    I have always wanted to volunteer at the hospital in our town to rock/hold a needy baby that might have suffered from neglect or mother’s drug use. That’s kind of a BIG thing, so I might just start closer to home with my neighbor and offer to watch her kids to give her a break.

    I am thinking of other things too, but again you are really doing well on your own, I’m not sure mine would be any better than what you are already doing!

    I hope your dad is getting along better, I am sure it is hard though.

    I enjoy your writing, it is very witty and inspiring.

    PS Do you have a pet of your own?
    Rescue/Adopt a pet is a good one, then maybe the poop pick up of your own pup might not be as bad!! LOL (sorry, this was long)

  2. Thatboycansing, thanks for your ideas, really good ones! I didn’t know you could volunteer to hold/rock babies, that sounds really nice, actually. (I sang two old songs, Skylark and The Way You Look Tonight, and my friend and I sang Neil Young’s After the Goldrush together.)

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