Day 41: Flower power

Several of my neighbours have beautiful gardens that give me a boost each time I walk by.

One of the gardens is particularly lovely. Its creator is a neighbour who’s about 80 and from somewhere in Eastern Europe. In her corner lot, she strategically places her rose bushes at the curve so you can stop to sniff them as you walk by in either direction.

Her colourful garden is a little oasis of calm and tranquility amid the hectic bustle of the city. In stark contrast, my gardening efforts amount to some out-of-control morning glories, bulletproof geraniums and a so-so rosemary bush (although I do have one lavender plant that rocks).

This neighbour never seems to be outside when I’m walking by. So I thought I’d leave her an anonymous note thanking her for beautifying the neighbourhood and for giving passersby a feast for the eyes – and the nose.

But as I approached her house, there she was stooped over a bed of Black-eyed Susans yanking weeds.

Gardeners please tell me if these are indeed Black-eyed Susans. (And how did Susan get her black-eye, anyway?)
Gardeners please tell me if these are indeed Black-eyed Susans. (And how did Susan get her black-eye, anyway?)

Now I’m not the “chatting with the neighbours” type (that’s my husband’s job). I like them a lot, I’m just too shy to holler across the back fence — or the front one, for that matter.

But I thought she’d appreciate a thank you in person much more, so I tucked away my note, mustered up my courage and called “Hello there!” When she stood up, I told her how beautiful her garden was and how much I enjoyed walking by it each day. Then we chatted for a bit about her newest plantings.

I waved goodbye as I walked home — but not before stopping to smell her beautiful roses ….


2 thoughts on “Day 41: Flower power

  1. The selection of roses you can grow in your home garden is enormous. With so many to choose from, finding just the right ones may seem more like work than play. To make this process easier, here are a few important factors to help you narrow down your field of choices.

  2. I’ve wanted to do that so many times! There are always gardens on my route to work I just love and think somehow I should let people know. In the big city, it takes nerve to chat with a stranger. I think we’re always afraid someone’s paranoia will kick in, and they’ll, like, mace us.

    Way to go!

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