Day 42: Training day

While taking the subway today, I made the supreme sacrifice and remained standing even though a prime seat became available minutes after I boarded the train.

I tried not to begrudge the fact that it wasn’t a senior citizen or pregnant woman I gave up the seat for, but a perfectly healthy young guy of about 25. His ears buzzed with the throbbing base notes of whatever music played on his mp3. I don’t sound bitter, do I?

Sorry, ranted off track there for a moment.

I did witness a truly good deed as I left the subway. A young woman who looked as though she was on her way to work risked being late to attend to a middle-aged lady carrying a rolled yoga mat. It appeared that the woman had fallen ill and almost passed out.

When I came along, the ill lady was thanking the young woman for helping her up and kept saying she was fine. The young woman was very considerate with her and insisted on escorting her up the subway stairs to street level to get some air.

I like to think I would be equally helpful in the same situation, but I’ll keep the scene in mind in future to improve my chances…..


2 thoughts on “Day 42: Training day

  1. Totally off topic, so you can erase this if you want, but at FB forums someone is trying to offload row 10 tickets to Sat. show, do you need an upgrade? Check it out. Will your good deed that day be letting a tween get in front of you for an autograph? OH NO, I don’t think so, you must draw the line somewhere!!! LOL

    Many blessings for a great weekend!

  2. Thanks, thatboycansing, my tickets are row 30, but I’m happy with them (and cannot wait!). Love your idea for a good deed tomorrow, but you’re right, there are limits! rotfl

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