Day 43: Pass the Post-it

A very strange thing has been happening lately. Ever since I started this blog (the whole point of which was to increase my daily dose of good deeds), I’ve noticed that every time I turn around, I end up on the receiving end.

I know people like to say “what goes around, comes around” and “the energy you send into the universe comes back to you.” And it’s not that I never believed that, I just never gave it much thought.

What I think is actually happening is that up till now, I’ve just taken a lot of these nice gestures for granted — and now, I don’t or at least try not to.

Take this morning at the subway, for example. After slipping some quarters in the pay phone change slot (one of my new faves), I got on the train and planned to let others take any seats that came up.

Then, like some kind of Christmas miracle, there was no one left standing. And a whole row of three seats emptied.

In downtown Toronto.

In rush hour.

This never happens. You’d be more likely to find a sack of gold waiting on your doorstep. (I sat down, of course, in case you were wondering.)

Then another good deed came my way. At lunch, after I’d paid for a sandwich at a very busy deli and started to walk away, the clerk came running out from behind the counter in order to give back a Post-it note that had been stuck to my $5 bill. (Post-its — my low-budget Blackberry). And this wasn’t just any Post-it. It held the password for the computer I would need to borrow that afternoon for work.

Hey, wait a minute, maybe that wasn’t such a good deed after all — I could’ve taken the rest of the day off!!


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