Day 44: Archie Tee time

The sweetest thing was done on my behalf on Friday, and I feel compelled to share. A week ago, I ordered a T-shirt from the David Archuleta FanBlast website (kicking myself for not ordering it earlier as the concert was this weekend). (These shirts were designed by a talented graphic arts student from Newfoundland and only sold to support the site, which runs on donations and volunteer hours, no ads.)

Imagine my surprise and delight when the shirt was delivered in time for the show. I checked the postage — $23. Cost of the shirt — $25. I was so touched, I can’t tell you. These great people who don’t even know me, must have noticed my Toronto address and sent it Express Post knowing the Toronto show was this weekend. Wow.

So, since one good deed deserves another, I’m sending a donation right back to them.

[For anyone interested, the concert (well, David’s set, anyway) was phenomenal. Hearing his unique voice live was even better than I’d anticipated. It soared over the cheering, screaming fans and was so rich, textured and soulful, it reverberated throughout my whole body — pure magic. For a sample, click here.

And through the FanBlast and NotingDavid sites I got to meet new friends from Halifax and Guelph who I felt I’d known forever. Thanks, David!]


2 thoughts on “Day 44: Archie Tee time

  1. Very nice good deed, they will really appreciate that! I also read on FB, you gave post cards to the singers?! I LOVE, LOVE that! I think that is really awesome and out of the ordinary and already stamped to boot! You may have started a trend! I am glad you could hear his voice too, sooo good to know the screaming is not too detracting.

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