Day 47: Work in progress

As you’ve probably noticed, the good deeds I’ve been trying to do each day have been very small gestures – opening doors, saying thank you more often, smiling at strangers — nothing terribly heroic. But I’m hoping that maybe getting into the good deed mindset will prepare me for a day when a more demanding good deed is in order.

Today, I bravely smiled and said “Good morning” and “Thank you” to the most angry looking bus driver I’ve had in a while. Believe it or not, that did take some courage.

But then I read a story of real everyday heroism in the paper today and thought I’d share the highlights.

It was a personal experience story of how strangers came to the aid of a woman injured in a fall from her bicycle. One person called 911, another brushed the hair from her face to make her more comfortable and yet another adjusted her skirt, which had ridden up in the fall.

When she was about to leave in the ambulance, the cyclist wanted to thank these kind strangers, but they had gone, knowing she’d been taken care of.

It reminded me of my mom’s recent car accident. As she waited for the ambulance, in shock and in pain from a broken shoulder, knee and wrists, a young man she’d never seen got into her car and sat beside her in the passenger seat.

He reassured her help was on its way and kept her talking. She realizes now that he was probably trying to make sure she stayed awake in case she had a concussion. He, too, disappeared once the paramedics came. So she didn’t get a chance to thank him.

So what I’m hoping is that smiling at a grouchy bus driver today is somewhat of a baby step for going that extra mile for someone in need tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 47: Work in progress

  1. I am slowly reading all your past blog messages & enjoying them very very much.

    Your grouchy bus driver reminds of the clerk at eye lass shop years ago. She looked mad at the world…..I said Hi & she smiled. She had a lovely sailor style dress & I commented on how nice it looked on her. That seems to perk her up, she then had big smile on her face & said Thank You, you have made my day….I realized she was just very tired & had not had a good day.

    Last year at the Sacramento Airport, I had thought the lady working the computers was just being quietly grumpy as she talked to those waiting in line but realized she was super concentrating on juggling the seat assignments around to accommodate everyone who wanted to sit together on an overbooked plane. As she got things how she wanted, I could see her eyes sparking & a big smile on her face…… .then to my surprised she called our names first….we got the best seats on the front of the plane. I thanked her & let her know how much we appreciated her for doing that for us. I am handicapped & having to sit in the back of a plane is not easy for me.

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