Day 48: Ticket to ride

You may remember the grouchy bus driver I wrote about yesterday. Today, I met his polar opposite.

I was extremely late for work and running to catch the bus (sorry for all the public transit references but that seems to be my life these days). Most impractically, I was wearing sandals that kept slipping off as I ran so it was like trying to run in quicksand. I was sure I’d miss the bus but I kept going.

I tried not to get my hopes up because sometimes the driver will wait till you reach the doors then slam them shut in your face and take off (cackling like Snidely Whiplash behind the wheel, I imagine). But not this guy. He patiently waited till I climbed the steps and even said, “Good morning.” I thanked him profusely but was tempted to throw my arms around him and plant a long wet kiss on his lips. I restrained myself, however. And that, dear friends, was my good deed for today.

Here’s an update on what’s been happening with Project Elastic Band Return: I’ve been trying to give back the rubber bands that come wrapped around the daily newspaper to my delivery person to no avail. I think I’ve labelled the envelope pretty clearly and each day I position it in a different spot: on the front door, stuck to a patio table on the porch, and at the end of the handrail.

Either this man delivers papers at lightning speed and walks, no runs, right by the envelope, or maybe it’s so early, his eyes aren’t completely open.

Or perhaps I need to face reality and admit that he has no interest in getting his elastics back. He may prefer the fresh tangy smell and springy stretch of brand new rubber bands and having old, used models flung in his face might offend his sensibilities …. Nah.

So, short of getting up at dawn to wait for him (I’ll have to make it to Good Deed Graduate School for that level of considerateness), I’m going to try taking them out of the envelope so he can see right away what they are. I’ll leave a bunch by the front door and if the rubber bands bounce back again, so be it. At least I tried.


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