Day 50: Re-reading room

Once upon a time I used to toss all my thumbed-through magazines and newspapers into the recycle box, and feel proud of myself for being so “green.”

I still do that on occasion, but now I try to remember to ask myself, “Would someone else enjoy reading my copy of Procrastinator’s Weekly?” And then I immediately vow to pass it on to someone else … tomorrow.

Today, that tomorrow turned into … well, today, so I gathered up some recent magazines and dropped them off for a friend.

This friend is pretty good at doing her own good deeds, however, and she turned the tables on me (you may have noticed this has turned into a recurring theme of sorts). She mentioned that she also has some back issues that she’ll be dropping off for me! I’ll have to branch out and find new sources, I guess.

I did notice that my public library has a book sale table that sells second-hand books and magazines at bargain prices. I asked the librarian if they come from public donations. She said, “Yes, as long as they’re not, you know, from 1965.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that those are exactly the donations they should be accepting — they could end up with a few collector’s editions and the library could sell them on eBay for big donation bucks.

And, if not, there’s always the recycle bin….


2 thoughts on “Day 50: Re-reading room

  1. Hi there… have you heard of “Freecycle?” Google it if not… it’s a place where you can “give away” for free, stuff you don’t need but other people might want (and vice versa) with the larger intention being keeping stuff out of landfills (and no one can turn the tables on you!) Enjoy! 🙂

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