Day 52: Surf’s up

I was a good deed multi-tasker today. With one trip to the bank I managed to both contribute to breast cancer research and bring tasty pink M&M treats back to share at the office. (Good deeds that involve chocolate should get bonus points, right?)

I also checked out a website that I heard about on the (cough) Teen Choice Awards.

Anyway, there was an award category for teens who are trying to make a positive change in the world. It was sponsored by an organization called Do Something. In the spirit of good-deed solidarity I felt had to check out their website (

I suggest you do too. It’s very inspiring. The winner of the Teen Choice surfboard (how cute is that?), Chad Bullock, crusades against second-hand smoke (having lost his grandfather to lung cancer), particularly in areas where kids hang out.

Chad Bullock wins Teen Choice Award for good deeds done.
Chad Bullock wins Teen Choice Award for good deeds done.

Bullock led activists to make his hometown ballpark a smoke-free environment and has trained over 15,000 teens nationwide in developing an action plan. He also successfully petitioned the Attorney General to sue cigarette campaigns targeting kids. Bravo, I say!

It’s a fun site. There’s a page directed towards visitors to the site who are over 25 (or so) and want to “help young people do something” — the page is called “Old People”!!! If these kids weren’t such do-gooders, I’d thwack ’em with my cane. (Just kidding of course, my cane’s in the shop….)


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