Day 55: Chat room

I went to a Vermont country fair this weekend. There were pony rides, a tent with folk singers, volunteer fire department demos, tag sales, an official “spokes-calf” named Cow-melita, and a 60-something roving Uncle Sam on stilts (complete with groupies … who knew?).

My good-deed mission for the day was to put aside my city reserve and strike up a conversation with some of the local residents. Those of you from small towns are probably having a good laugh right now — and so you should.

I’m always in awe of how my husband (a country boy trapped in a city-dweller’s body) can turn the most random encounter at the hardware store into a 20-minute lively conversation. Me? Not so much.

So as I admired the beautiful handiwork on display by the local artisans and hobbyists, I not only made a donation to the local Chamber of Commerce to support their efforts, I also paused at each booth to find out more about the people behind the creations.

It felt a little forced at first (I’m not really much of a bonsai aficionado), but I really started to get the hang of it after a while. They all seemed to appreciate me taking an interest and I learned a lot, too.

One thing became very clear — the people who take up these crafts and hobbies are passionate about them. And their enthusiasm started to rub off on me.

I left the fair ready to raise Alpacas, craft glass-bead jewelry, cultivate orchids and start quilting . Of course, now that I’m enrolled in Chatting 101, I might not have time….


2 thoughts on “Day 55: Chat room

  1. hey I’m all for the crafting and glass beading and quilting… you go girl. There is something pretty wonderful about making something with your own hands. But getting lost in the “chat” world is also quite a release> love your blog!!!!

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