Day 60: Service with a stare

Today I got my first good deed challenge. Most people have responded well to my attempts at politeness, friendly gestures and courtesies. But there’s been one serious hold out and I think I’ll make it my mission to goodwill my way into her good graces.

The subject in question is the proprietor of the convenience store where I often buy a coffee in the morning.

This place is steps away from a Starbucks, Tim Hortons and a Timothy’s and yet I always end up going there for my morning brew.

God knows why. It’s dark, cramped, and a faint whiff of sour milk greets you as you walk in. Yet I can’t seem to keep away. (They do have an extensive selection of beef jerky, however.)

It’s certainly not the service that keeps me coming back. The middle-aged Asian woman behind the counter is downright surly. I’ve tried every variation of “Good morning,” “Have a nice day,” and “Take care” that I can think of but she barely makes eye contact with me or any of the other customers.

I’ve actually considered the possibility that she belongs to an obscure religious sect that punishes all acts of smiling with a thousand lashes of beef jerky.

But I’m not giving up just yet. I plan to keep buying my coffee there and being so nice and friendly to her she’s bound to crack. Now isn’t that the good deed spirit….


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