Day 62: Cup holder

Thank goodness for Tim Hortons. I don’t like their coffee much, but if they didn’t sell it, I wouldn’t have been able to follow through on my good deed today.

I set out on my daily walk armed with a plastic bag determined to pick up as much trash as it would hold.

Outside of a few plastic water bottles, an empty pack of smokes and a sad deflated balloon (I hope to God it was a balloon), everything else was emblazoned with a Tim Hortons logo. There were 10 coffee cups in all, three iced cappuccino cups and innumerable straws and lids.

Once my bag was full, I headed for the new trash bin that’s been installed in the park I pass on the way home. A recycling receptacle sat beside it.

I was tempted to throw the whole thing in but stopped, realizing I was only halfway home. So I merely emptied the bag and kept up my Tim Hortons collection service all the way home.

If it wasn’t prohibited by the good-deed code, I’d hit them up for a free coffee….

P.S. On a completely random note: I thought this was a cute pic of the two Davids trying to tune in the Olympics.

David squared.
David squared.

3 thoughts on “Day 62: Cup holder

  1. I have so often thought of taking a bag along on my walks to do the “clean up”thing but I tend to remember once I am out on the trail…. I am inspired again and plan to take action!!!!.

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