Day 64: Shark tale

The idea for today’s good deed actually came to me last week but between my fondness for procrastination and plain old forgetfulness, I only followed through on it today.

Last week, I overheard a colleague mention that her preschool son developed a love for sharks when the family made a trip to Marineland in Florida.

And I just so happen to have a number of shark posters at home (from a documentary filmed by the son of my husband’s boss — bit of a shark herself, ironically enough).

Trouble is, I wasn’t sure exactly which of our many mailing tubes held said poster. Then, when I finally located it, I kept forgetting to take it with me.

Today, I remembered, however, and despite thwacking a few unsuspecting fellow commuters with it when the subway lurched to a stop — see, sharks are dangerous! — I delivered it first thing. It was all worth it when I saw the smile on this mom’s face as she told me how happy her son would be to get a poster of his favourite marine predator.

I neglected to tell her my real good deed — giving her the version that displayed the sharks only and not the poster-size pinup of the Speedo-clad filmmaker himself….
P.S. I had the most wonderful random act of kindness done on my behalf today and just wanted to share. You may recall my post Day 45: While my Erhu gently weeps featured a busker in the subway who played a traditional Chinese instrument called an Erhu. Well, I received a not-so-anonymous package in the mail today that enclosed one of this guy’s CDs. It’s called Nice People With Nice Life Forever by Liu, Lie Ci. Don’t you just love that title? Not to mention nice people who do thoughtful things. (I’ve been playing it all evening and smiling the entire time. My second favourite after Archie, of course.) Here’s an Erhu solo sample for your listening pleasure:


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