Day 65: Not-so-junk mail

In my recent efforts to pick up litter on our street, the one area I’ve been neglecting is my own front lawn.

My husband and I live perilously close to several fast-food restaurants and coffee shops. Some days, our grass is littered with so many familiar logos I feel like charging these places an advertising fee — it’s like a horizontal billboard out there.

So today I turned my attention to our little patch of thatch and came across one stray piece of paper that was logo-free. The sheet was unusual for another reason.

It contained the confidential bank account information of one of our neighbours. I figured they either dropped it by accident or foolishly put it out for recycling without shredding it first.

(I have a feeling it was the former because once you’ve experienced the intoxicating thrill of shredding documents into tiny bits, it’s hard to stop yourself from slicing up every scrap of paper in the house.)

I contemplated dropping the statement off, as I’ve done for misdirected mail in the past. But because of the sensitive nature of the information, I decided to seal it in an unmarked envelope and post it to the name and address listed, even though the address was mere blocks away.

When the page arrives, my neighbour might wonder where it came from but they’ll probably be glad they got it back….


2 thoughts on “Day 65: Not-so-junk mail

  1. I think the “mail thing” is your second calling! Besides writing (which you are great at) the whole “returning mail to the proper owner” – you certainly have the knack for!! HEE! HEE! 🙂

  2. Welcome back, thatboycansing! Glad to hear you missed the storm. Yes, I think I missed my calling as a postmistress (ha ha).

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