Day 67: The Underwear Affair

Skivvies for science.
Skivvies for science.

I had a garage sale today with two goals in mind:

1. To rid myself of excess belongings, and
2. To raise money for the Sunnybrook Hospital Underwear Affair campaign. The goal of this event is to raise awareness and research funds for cancers that appear below the waist (i.e. prostate, colorectal, uterine, bladder, cervical and ovarian cancer, among others).

It involves a 10K run/5k walk in which participants wear crazy outfits with an underwear theme. I didn’t hear about the event in time to drum up sponsors, so I figured donating my garage sale proceeds (and a little extra) was the next best thing.

It was a beautiful sunny day for both the event and my sale and I’m happy to say many of my books, CDs and miscellaneous knickknacks (most of which I picked up at other garage sales) went to good homes.

One particular item, a decorative hand-carved wooden whisk from Mexico, generated a lot of interest. Throughout the morning, five or six different patrons examined it, asked what the heck it was, then put it back on my “Everything for $1” table. Just when I thought it would never move, a stout woman in her fifties drove up and made a beeline for it. She handed over the cash without saying a word then zoomed off, as if she’d been all over town looking for that very item.

A dear friend and her cute-as-a-button son (actually he’s cute as a whole bag of buttons) stopped by to chat and peruse my wares and those of my neighbour who was selling his antique-ish collectibles . He did very well (unfortunately my husband was his best customer, which seriously hindered my achieving goal number one).

When packing up, this neighbour performed his own good deed and it made my day. He handed over most of his takings to me to donate to the Sunnybrook campaign. What a good neighbour, I thought … and not just to me.


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