Day 68: Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Do they mean this Saturday or last Saturday?
Do they mean this Saturday or last Saturday?

Today, I almost committed the cardinal sin of garage sale-dom: neglecting, post-sale, to take down the plethora of crudely made, colourful signs that I so proudly blanketed the neighbourhood with last week.

I’m the first one to complain when others leave these signs up looooong after the sale is over. They end up confounding and confusing passersby (if the date is missing) and blighting the landscape (if it’s not).

We wrapped up our garage sale yesterday afternoon, but I was so sun-stroked and exhausted (and, well, procrastination may have played a role) that I didn’t even get around to donating my proceeds (see Day 67: The Underwear Affair) till today.

As for taking down my signs, I’m happy to report mission accomplished as of 8:00 p.m. this evening. I was just in time, too, as a low-pressure front was moving in, cool winds were swirling, and I found several of my signs had blown off their posts onto the street.

So if I hadn’t retraced my steps, not only would I have committed the “not taking signs down” sin, I would also have been guilty of littering the very streets I’ve been trying to tidy up of late.

Close call, dear friends, close call.


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