Day 71: Hum-dinger

Today, as I performed some random acts of kitchen-cleanup-kindness (unloading the office dishwasher and other tasks), I couldn’t stop thinking about my trip to work.

And getting a taste of my own medicine.

I don’t have an iPod of my own (shocking, I know), but I actually don’t need one because I tend to just hum tunes in my head (much cheaper).

Sometimes the humming is audible so I’ve actually considered wearing earphones with the wire stuck in my purse to make it look like I do have an iPod to hum along to. But since that’s even nuttier than the humming, I quickly reconsidered.

So back to the medicine dose … I was humming along this morning, with my new favourite song stuck on replay (see video, Day 70) and I must have looked happy about it because several people smiled at me … in downtown Toronto … on the subway.

To give you an idea of how unusual this is, the last time it happened to me, the guy smiling was giving a speech about sardine sandwiches and the Virgin Mary … in Toronto … on the subway.

Today, these were no sardine-sandwich speechifiers doing the smiling, but commuters in spiffy business attire. And they weren’t, “Oh look at that poor woman out without her keeper” smiles, either. They were honest-to-goodness grins.

So today I got to feel firsthand what it’s been like for those unsuspecting strangers I’ve smiled at on previous occasions (see Day 51: The shadow of your smile) thinking I was doing a good deed. Well, the intention was good — I was trying to spread a little goodwill.

So as I unloaded the dishwasher, I realized the only nice thing to do was to try and smile back… maybe tomorrow ….


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