Day 76: Triple header

My good deeds today were small gestures – holding a door open for a stranger, returning a stray shopping cart, asking a passerby friendly questions about his dogs (which were Deer Chihuahua, by the way) – so I’d like to share a few good deeds done by others, by way of inspiration (they certainly do that for me, anyway).


Tale 1: Trust thy neighbour

Three weeks ago, my husband and I travelled to the Eastern Townships of Quebec to drop off some building materials at a flood-damaged house that we’re slowly (very slowly) restoring. We were only there for a few days and in our rush to pack up and head home, we mistakenly left behind a box on the front porch that contained some tools, flashlights and rope. We didn’t actually realize we’d left it behind until we returned this weekend and there it sat right on the porch where we’d left it – not one item missing, or even shifted. Could this have happened back home in the big city? I’d like to think so, but hmmm … not sure.


Tale 2: Starlight sister-in-law

When I posted this weekend, I neglected to mention the comical circumstances that made such a posting possible. You may recall from a previous post that the Haskell Free Library and Opera House in Derby Line, Vermont, is one of my very favourite places on the planet. Well, even though the building itself (which sits atop the Canada/U.S. border) is more than 100 years old, it has state-of-the-art WiFi service.


Over Labour Day weekend, the library hours were reduced, but my sister-in-law discovered that even when the library was closed, she could sit on the bench outside the front door and pick up the signal on her laptop. Crafty gal, my sis-in-law.


So after dinner Sunday evening, when I told her that I hadn’t been able to get to the library to upload my post, she grabbed her laptop, hauled me to the car and drove us to the library. And there we sat, in the moonlight, with the eerie green glow of her laptop illuminating the surrounding shrubbery. Did I mention we were spitting distance from a border crossing?


With every click on the keyboard, I tensed up, half-expecting a couple of beefy U.S. Border Patrol officers to tap us on the shoulder and ask to see some I.D.


I turned to her at one point and said, “You know you’re crazy, don’t you?”


“That’s why people love me!” she laughed, clearly disappointed no one seemed to notice us sitting there surfing the Net like two characters in a Bourne Identity sequel.


Tale 3: Double-double deed

I love receiving ideas for future good deeds and one reader (and pal) sent her personal good deed story (along with several other excellent suggestions that I will definitely try). Here it is in her own words:


“I was in a restaurant (I’m a regular there) and this couple of elderly women reminded me so much of my mother and her sister, I bought both of their lunches (they were having soup and tea so it wasn’t too expensive). They seemed to be really enjoying themselves, chattering away and giggling. I paid for their soup and tea. They never knew I did it. Next day when I was in for breakfast the waitress was still smiling. She said they couldn’t get over anyone would do something like that and left a HUGE tip for the waitress. She in turn gave me a free coffee that breakfast. :^)”



Doesn’t that make your day? (It did mine!)



3 thoughts on “Day 76: Triple header

  1. I love your restaurant story. Talk about “paying it forward”!!! Great, just great!! Your posts make me smile everyday!! Have a great one! 🙂

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