Day 79: Kneeling over

Sometimes even a small gesture of kindness can have a big impact on you. This morning, my husband, brother-in-law and sister-in-law dashed into church with minutes to spare and squeezed into a pew that was half full.


When it came time to kneel, I was stuck in the Grand Canyon section (you know, the place where one kneeler ends and there’s a big gap before the next one begins). I tried to press both knees as close together as possible so I’d fit on the end of one, then clutched the pew in front of me so I wouldn’t lose my balance in a moment of deep contemplation (or fatigue) and topple into the couple sitting next to me.


After a couple of rounds of standing, sitting, kneeling, the woman beside me tapped my shoulder. She smiled and gestured for me to come on over to the other side of the Grand Canyon as she moved over to make room.


This small act of generosity meant that I could relax and concentrate on the matter at hand (saying thanks for my many blessings, including the generous padding on the kneeler I was perched on over on her side). And the rest of our group could finally exhale and spread out a little without danger of knocking my knees off the end.


I kept this kindness in mind when they sprang a double collection on us. Even though I wasn’t entirely clear on what the second collection was for, I dug deep in my pocket and found a few extra bills. And having the extra elbow room certainly helped….


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