Day 82: He shoots, he scores!

Wonder who they traded for this rookie?
Wonder who they traded for this rookie?

In an earlier post I listed a few websites where just one click results in a charitable gift — whether mammograms for those in need, books for kids or a food program to help end world hunger.

These charitable gifts are paid for by each site’s sponsors based on the number of visits and click-throughs.

I’ve included three of these sites in my “Blogroll” on the right, but wanted to mention them again in case you have time to try a click or two … or three. If you know of any others I can add, please let me know.

Also on my Blogroll, you’ll notice “Vote for Hockey Night in Canada theme.” I know it seems early to be thinking about hockey season but CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada program is in the process of picking a new theme song for their Saturday night NHL telecasts.

(A little background: The cheapskates at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation wouldn’t shell out the dough to keep the original classic theme, which will now be heard on rival network CTV’s hockey broadcasts.)

The good news is, the husband of a good friend (Jamie Hopkings) has submitted his theme for contention and (without bias of course), HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES! (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Jamie’s a gifted composer and his theme “Six Days from Sunday” has that rev-you-up-for-the-big-game quality that will surely get even Toronto Maple Leafs fans excited about the coming season.

So please click on the link on my Blogroll to check it out and rate and comment if you like (you need to sign in to comment, but it’s pretty quick).

These web ratings, recommendations and views will help judges pick the semi-finalists. Voting for finalists begins Oct. 4 and the winner (a.k.a. Jamie) will be announced Oct. 19.

P.S. You’ll notice my comment under “Debronski.”


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