Day 85: A streetcar named kindness

I felt like Blanche DuBois today, depending on the kindness of strangers. And boy did those strangers come through for me. The favour that was done on my behalf today restored my faith in humanity and the belief that most people are inherently good at their core.

I was so happy I wanted to dance on the sidewalk and round up everyone within earshot for a group hug.

Sight unseen, this person I’d never even met received my email asking for an enormous favour at 8 p.m. last night. By 8:30 a.m., they’d sent one back telling me everything was taken care of.

Considering many people I know don’t always respond to my emails, I was moved beyond words.

So a decision I’d been mulling over — whether I had the time to return to literacy tutoring — was decided for me. I definitely want to pay this good deed forward.

I volunteered as a tutor for five years until my student, Millicent, had to take on a third job to support her family and could no longer make our weekly sessions. Millicent, a lovely, very bright lady from Ghana, had never learned to read in any language and struggled with English.

And yet she made enough progress during our time together to finally pass her Canadian citizenship test, which was a very proud day for her — and for me.

Literacy is a cause close to my heart and it’s time to hit the books once again.

A stranger can depend on me for a change. Just call me Blanche….


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