Day 88: Singh along

I wasn’t planning to go out at lunch hour today — dedicated worker bee that I am — but at one o’clock sharp, I put on my jacket and headed outside for some fresh air.

As I approached the corner of King St. and University Ave., I spotted a familiar face. It was Mr. Singh (See “Day 46: Quotable Quotes”), sitting on his milk crate selling the Outreach Connection, a newspaper sold to help the homeless and unemployed.

Quoting "Notable Quotables" by John Singh

The weekly paper is sold to vendors for 40 cents each (35 cents for 100 papers). They, in turn, sell each one for at least $1.00.

I bought my paper and was intending to rush back to the office, but Mr. Singh smiled so broadly and seemed to recognize me that I stopped to say hello.

He showed me his “Notable Quotable” (see above) and his picture on the cover.

“Ugliest picture on any front page,” he laughed.

I assured him it was not (I can think of many politicians who have that distinction) and he asked where my office was. I told him and he explained that he’s planning ahead for the winter months where he reserves designated sheltered spots at the entrance to Metro Hall and other public buildings.

He seemed pleased when I told him I worked periodically at a building a stone’s throw from Metro Hall. He said he wanted his “regular customers” to be able to find him.

I walked away feeling quite special. A regular, huh? Probably the only place in town where I get such personal service….


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