Day 91: Once was lost but now am found

I was busted mid-deed at the office today while trying my “empty the dishwasher before the designated kitchen tidier catches me” routine.


And I was so close. Top shelf was done, one shelf to go and I would have been free and clear, but… I heard a deep male voice behind me declare, “You don’t need to do that.”


He sounded so official, I was waiting for his next sentence to be “Step away from the Maytag, lady.”


Instead, my colleague thanked me and asked if I was the person who had filled and started the dishwasher yesterday before he’d had a chance.


I was not – so there must be another good deed doer on site. Hmmm.


Later that day, I learned of a real old fashion act of kindness that warmed my heart and I hope it will yours.


At the subway, as I tossed my token in the receptacle, I overheard the ticket taker recounting how he’d turned in a woman’s briefcase to the lost and found. When he saw her business card tag, he had made the effort to call and tell her it was there and let her know when she could pick it up.


This woman was so grateful, she turned up at his post this afternoon and gave him a $10 Tim Hortons gift card in appreciation of his kindness. (Which he was waving at the person listening to his story as I was eavesdropping.) This subway worker was flabbergasted – in a good way.


What I find so inspiring about this story is not just that the woman went out of her way to thank subway guy, but that he went out of his way to help her without expecting any thanks – just because that’s what we should all do – look out for one another.


Feel like coffee anyone?


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