Day 92: Brotherhood of man

A series of good deeds done on my behalf resulted in my being able to attend the mini-concert of a lifetime today.

It was an event called Ford Day, held in Dearborn, Michigan, which featured American Idols David Cook and David Archuleta.

(If you’ve read my About Me page, I think you know which David I was here to see. Before you know it, they’re going to need to build bigger stadiums to accommodate the crowds this soon-to-be megastar is destined to draw.)

I never would have heard about this event if it hadn’t been for the friend who kindly let me know. And I was only able to get a ticket as the result of the kindness of a complete stranger.

After the concert, much of the audience waited around to take pictures and get autographs.

I had been waiting near the front of the crowd but stepped back at one point so that four adorable tween girls — all dressed up in their party dresses and glitter headbands — could get closer to their Idols*.

I’ve never seen the point of autographs really — until today. I think that it’s not the signature itself that matters but the fleeting moment you share with the artist (or athlete or celebrity chef). A moment when they can give something of themselves to each fan.

And the autograph seeker, by wanting the autograph in the first place, tells that artist or celebrity that they are appreciated — even loved. It’s about connecting I guess — if only in that exchange of paper and pen.

Meanwhile, back at the concert … I asked David Archuleta to sign my CD by the late Eva Cassidy (because he’s also a fan of her music). It’s the first autograph I’ve ever asked for and will probably be my last. But I look at it now and remember that moment and it makes me smile. So I guess that’s what autographs are really all about.

After David signed my CD, I stepped back and took some photos and happened to get an excellent one of David with a woman who’d been sitting in our section earlier.

A few seconds later this woman started to walk past me, so I stopped her and told her about the picture I’d taken and asked if she’d like me to email it to her.

I thought she might have been hesitant about giving out her email address to a stranger but au contraire. So I got her info and will be happy to send along the picture.

My real good deed today, however, is to share with you a sample of the exquisitely beautiful music I heard today. (Video courtesy of Wanda/ladyvette826 via YouTube. Thanks, Wanda, very nice meeting you!). Enjoy!

*Idea courtesy of thatboycansing. Thanks.


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