Day 95: Bag lady blues

I rolled up my sleeves today, packed a plastic bag in my pocket and headed out on my daily walk.

No, I don’t have a dog. The plastic bag was to collect as much litter as the bag would hold. And it didn’t take long to fill it up.

What happened to the tidy neighbourhood I used to live in? (Or did I just not notice the trash on every patch of grass before?)

The strange thing was, almost everything I picked up was some kind of cup. About five Tim Hortons coffee cups, a super-sized Coke cup complete lid and straw, and plastic water bottles — lots of those.

But lest you think only thirsty people are slobs, I found equal opportunity litter from hungry people (a burger wrapper, gum wrappers, and what was once a freezie), not to mention that classic trash for the ages — the empty pack of smokes.

I’d love to be able to tell you that my street is now sparkly and garbage-free. After filling the bag and emptying it into the recycling bin at the park, however, I realized one of the coffee cups I tossed in my bag was still half-full. Guess I’d thought it was half-empty (sorry, couldn’t resist).

So my bag was awash in brown sludge. To quote my articulate niece, “Ewwww!

That meant I had to hang up my garbage collector hat (I don’t really have such a hat). But tomorrow’s another day….


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