Day 96: Merci buckets

Today was all about saying thank you. Lately, I have been making an effort to thank my bus driver, sales clerks and anyone who’s nice enough to hold the door open for me.

So I stepped up my efforts today and even gave a big merci to the French editor who brought Algerian cookies for the whole office. And, as I descended to subway level at rush hour, I gave a big “Thank you” to the worker who does nothing more than make sure you drop a token in the receptacle before walking through. Doesn’t look too difficult, but I bet it’s more exhausting than shingling roofs.

When I thanked him, he looked a little surprised, but responded with a hearty “You’re welcome.”

I also sent off a couple of thank you notes I’d been thinking about writing. (The “thinking” stage is usually as far as I get with those things, so actually composing them and sending them was a big step for me.)

The biggest thank you note I worked on today turned out to be a full-fledged letter. And a well-deserved one at that.

I helped my mom compose a letter thanking her wonderful insurance agent. I know that might sound like an oxymoron, but my mother was in a car accident in March (which left her hospitalized for almost 12 weeks) and this agent, Mike, was like some kind of angel sent to help us. He visited my mom in hospital and spent hours explaining the extended benefits to which she was entitled.

He patiently and kindly walked my sister and I through all the forms we needed to fill out and reimbursed us for expenses we never would have thought to claim if he hadn’t mentioned them.

My mother is practiced at firing off angry letters (to newspaper editors, the Prime Minister’s office, you name it), so this thank you letter was difficult for her to write and I was happy to help.

I’ve definitely been getting more practice at saying thank you lately, because I’ve begun to notice how many considerate things are done for me every day. Just this morning, for example, my neighbour went out of his way to stop by and tell me I have a flat tire.

Maybe I’ll send a note….


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