Day 97: Hero sandwich

I made an important discovery today folks. It isn’t unkindness that foils most good deeds — it’s procrastination. And I plan to expand that thought at some point — maybe tomorrow.

This morning, I passed by my Outreach newspaper pal Mr. Singh but didn’t get a paper because I figured, “I’ll catch him later.” But when I returned to his corner at lunch planning to get two papers (one for me and one for the office building lobby), he was gone.

So I dropped by the bank thinking I’d pick up a box of the pink M&Ms I’d seen there last week and bring them back to the office to share with everyone and — you guessed it — all sold out.

My lunch hour almost up, I rushed over to the sandwich shop — one of those places where they stamp your card for every sandwich you buy, and after 10 stamps you get one free.

Despite all my good deeds gone wrong today, I actually got a nice surprise when I went to pay for my sandwich. Turns out, I’d somehow reached that magic “10th sandwich” stamp.

I hadn’t even been counting. I handed over my card and had my money ready to pay. That’s when the thoughtful (and non-math-challenged, like myself) cashier pointed out that I was now entitled to my free sandwich.

Now the fact that this was the highlight of my day is a little sad but, in any case, I took the money I was intending to pay for the sandwich and dropped it into the tip jar. Without hesitation — or procrastination….


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