Day 98: Pear of good deeds

It occurred to me today that slowing down a little can be very helpful in the good deed department.
(My sister will have a good laugh over that comment as she already accuses me of moving slower than a one-toed sloth.)

I’ve noticed that taking measured steps instead of hurried ones gives me a little more time to be aware of my surroundings and the needs of others. (Though, since I walk around in a daze half the time, this increased awareness is hard to get used to!)

Today was market day downtown (one of the few remaining for the season) so it was easy to take my time admiring the flower stalls and the towers of sweet potatoes. Especially when accompanied by melodic music from the group in the bandstand, The Creaking Tree String Quartet.

I headed over to one of the lunch tents but took my time so others could get in line ahead of me. The sign said “Crêpes It Up: Tastes like love without the heartache.” Seriously. How could I refuse?

The two cooks carefully prepared the crêpes on sizzling flat pans while the lineup grew longer. But with the warm sun on my face, the music in the background, and the sweet smell of heartache-free love in the air, the wait zipped by in no time.

Letting someone in line didn’t seem like quite enough of a good deed on such a glorious day, so I dropped by the cheese tent to pick up a bag of dried pear slices to share back at the office.

I asked the cheese man how they were made and, as he also wasn’t in a hurry, he gladly told me.

He described the lengthy slicing and dehydration process in great detail. Then he leaned over conspiratorially and in a lowered voice described one regular customer’s preference.

“He soaks them in Grand Marnier and serves them over ice cream,” he murmured.

Gee, the practical info that comes your way when time is no object. Grand Marnier pears on ice cream — good deed indeed!

P.S. Two days to go till Day 100. I don’t normally plan these things in advance but I’d love to try to do something that would really make someone’s day for #100. Any ideas folks?


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